The Best Solutions Already Exist

Sometimes the best answer to a business problem is a solution that’s just waiting for a problem to solve.  We firmly believe that Luck = Opportunity + Preperation.  Which is why at Commercial Open Systems we implement interesting solutions before a customer ever has a problem to solve.

One example of this is our experience with digital signage.  First stumbling across quality systems, evaluating and testing the best of them.  Then documenting a full implementation.  All done several years ago with no customer demand.  Simply to have the capability and experience.

Then two very different customers with very different needs expressed a desire for us to help them.  One, an automotive dealer looking to “Jazz Up” their showroom with low cost but with stunning and engaging video displays.  The second customer is an established restaurant group that needed a cost effective menu display for a new service concept at one of their restaurants.

Digital signage solutions can be expensive.  They are generally designed for large scale deployments in hotels, shopping malls, museums, etc.  And our two customers are smaller organizations.  Both with a real need for flexible digital signage.

COSIMO Digital Signage Hosting

Fortunantly, Commercial Open Systems had already done the research, implementation, and documentation of the best of breed open source solutions for digital signage.  And presented both organizations with a unique solution to their needs.  Use a provided service for their digital signage in the same way that their web hosting is a provided service for their businesses now.

Commercial Open Systems implemented a hosting package for these two businesses.  Employing standard web hosting practices for reliability, manageability, and scalability.  At both the auto dealership and the restaurant simple off the shelf PC’s and LCD displays were installed.  All of which are using the Internet to connect with the digital signage service.  Internet Web Capable control panels can be accessed by authorized people to add content, manage special messages, etc. to self manage the content of their digital signs.

Simple, cost effective, and innovative.  A big win for both customers because Commercial Open Systems delivers Solutions.

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