In the end it’s all about your bottom line.  The Return on Investment that your IT Infrastructure and resources are bringing back into your business.  Sometimes it’s about revenue generation.  Sometimes it’s about customer retention.  And most of the time it’s about reducing costs while increasing productivity and capabilities.

Commercial Open Systems (COSIMO) can make this simple, painless, and can help you reduce your costs in measurable ways.  The first step is to have COSIMO come “Meet Your Business” and do an evaluation of what you have and what your using it for.  Then we’ll perform two vital things for your business.

1) Calculate the best ROI for specific targeted functions.  We identify, quantify, document, and can show you how you can eliminate expensive software “upgrades/updates” for widely used but expensive basic programs in your business.  Typically costing less than performing a single update/upgrade cycle.

2) Provide a straightforward “roadmap” that your business can use to implement Open Source solutions that bring the biggest “Bang for the Buck”.  There are no all or nothing solutions to reducing costs and increasing productivity.  But there are touchpoints that can help you make quality decisions about your IT infrastructure.  COSIMO has the experience and knowledge to document a path specific to your business to help you achieve both these goals.

Use the form below to invite Commercial Open Systems to “Meet Your Business” and we will provide both these invaluable resources Free of Charge!

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